Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Finally shedding any sense of being a tomboy, being a 'mate' to my male friends & dressing in a neutral way, in flat shoes, trousers & being covered up. The androgynous fashions of the early 90's had us going to gyms to be muscular, wearing man-style suits & general baggy clothes. Wearing a dress was unusual, unless it was a classic LBD, which was worn with black stockings and tailored jackets. I look at all my work photos of this time & I look so boring, so corporate and I loved wearing navy & brown.

Perhaps it was an insecurity to look older & responsible. I lost my femininity, my love of clothes and dressing. With the re-interest in second hand clothes tantalisingly re-badged as 'vintage' I rediscovered my love of the unique, the finding and seeking of dresses and accessories. Yesterday I wore my favourite jumper, found for $5 at Bondi Markets. It's black and yellow and features a giraffe. Worn with straight jeans and ankle boots, I felt more myself & my creativity than I have for a while.

I really want to look like a woman. Heels, salon hair, make-up, french perfume & the other night I wore those lace rimmed stay-up stockings. Gosh it was easy to use the bathroom too! no hitching and re-adjusting ! Perhaps the resurgence of Burlesque and lacy flirty femininity is better for us. A bit of body fat, curves and white skin is easier for me to achieve than spray-tanning my whitey skin, using some device to a bad exercise video & wanting to exercise all the curves away. I'm even showing some final exposure barrier.

This weekend is Pete's 40th, and I really want to look alluringly feminine, classy, seductive but with a Katherine Hepburn/ Lauren Bacall edge. Using the 1940's style to be in my 40's? looking forward to it.


ameliace said...

Femininity is the new black. Maybe. All I know is that after studying feminism and calling myself a feminist (and I still do) I really just want to be a 'girl' and BE feminine - something that got crushed and stamped out somehow in The Backlash.

The crap thing is I have PCOS and so my hormones are messed up. I don't get a period and I think my breasts are far too small. This makes me feel so very unfeminine. I fantasise about implants. A few years ago, to compensate for my perceived lack of femininity I painted my room pink to feel more feminine. I buy expensive lingerie with diamantes even though I don't have a boyfriend. And I wear a lot of mascara.

Oh - and I wear stay-ups with lace, like yours Cat. I wear skirts, heels and earrings. And I wear my perfume (that I bought for myself the weekend of this year's Valentines Day) everyday. Its amazing what a difference these things do for my spirit...

You are right Cat. Femininity is good for us.

Cat's Experiment said...

thank you so much for your post Ameliace, dressing as attractive and stylish as you deserve is empowering. Not the comic book or reality tv version, but being the truthful female self.
I love a man to be manly, to have that protective caring spirit, equally that sets off my feminine self, to be magical & caring, yet sure of my sense of self.

and good lingerie, or 'wrappings' as an old b/f would say, is enjoyable for both.