Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Begining

I've been chosen to appear on a TV show about Flirting. Apparantely there is a scientific study & they need people to test it out. I'm just an ordinary single 38 yr old Sydney girl.

I love flirting. Give me a glass of champagne, good mixture of people & after a few, everyone is beautiful. But maybe I can learn some extra secret? this I will share with you lot.

My issues are also hair/ make-up/ facial hair/ being photographed from the wrong angle, etc.

This blog is going to be about my issues, because

  • I'd rather publish my issues annoymously than pay for a therapist
  • I would rather bore the cyber world, than spoil an outing with paranoid rantings
  • I write great emails, but every now & then my computer crashes and I lose my dead interesting email library.
  • I used to post on the Vogue Australia forum, but it's getting quite boring. I refuse to response to postings when clearly they could call the store & get the price themselves.
  • I need to obsess about something!
  • It may help

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ZeN said...

amen ! :)