Saturday, April 08, 2006

various other reasons to freak

In the company of cute men, I opt for the lame duck, the nice one in the corner, the mr chatterbox, the non-alpha. It's a cop-out, as he's the easiest one to talk to & since I'm such a good listener...(I can recall things back to them, remember the track of a wafting story etc) I end up with 2nd best. Probably also because I hide behind my people-liking behaivour. I am too scared to be controversial ! I think John Howard is a good PM! I vote Liberal, because I am one! it's so cool to be a laborite.....actually, I think not.

Going on the TV program Catalyst, will be the impetus I will use to change this behaivour. I will talk to the cute guy, I wont avoid him & will use the strategy/ tactics these scientists have decided are sucessful. We all need a game plan!

Had a super facial today at lunchtime, 15 min gyclolic peel, getting ready for the harsh camera lights, the unflattering angle. All my other 4 friends in attendance (all single, all gorgeous) are eager to know the 'scientific' secrets. ....I'm doing this for the greater good!

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