Monday, April 10, 2006

astro reading

With my recently separated best friend, Nicole, we found an astrologer at Rozelle Markets on the weekend. Steve; the astrologer. For $20 he did a chart (which he is emailing) and he went on about our personalities for a while: but what made the price worthwhile ? we got to ask definate questions. And there really is only one to ask...'when will I meet him?' Steve could also recommend good star signs for us. Nicole is an Aries & she was married to a Capricorn. no good. She should find a Taurus, because she has a moon in Taurus & something else as well. She'll meet someone in 15months.

I should be with a Virgo, which I agree with, but an 'early' Virgo. ie. early into the sun sign. I have a moon in Virgo. Best of all, it will happen in 3months! yipee!

Mind you, the last Psychic, Elizabeth, said March 2006. which has come and gone.

There was a song in the early 90s, about meeting that special someone, he could be just around the corner, but if you rush to the corner you wont' meet him, 'cos he's not there yet. (if anyone can remember this song ? it was english, and she spoke the lyrics mostly)

anyhoo, that's how I feel, he's out there, but I just haven't meet him yet. I'm not at that corner yet & neither is he.

next post... how I peg my love life against other famous geminis, like Nicole & Kylie.

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