Friday, June 02, 2006

Loosening up. Catalyst cont.

In the scientific quest to make me a better flirt, it was concluded I was too stiff, upright & lady-like. So a private Lambada class was organised. I had vague ideas of what this meant, but when the instructor explained it was the sexiest dance, with the closest body contact & lots of heavy breathing, I was a little concerned. It was the mid-afternoon, the first day of winter in an empty dance studio. Not sexy.

The teacher was great, he understood the concept, came up with a little routine, which wasn't too scary & we practised that for the hour while the camera crew filmed. I tried a few saucy faces, wiggled my hips & found it all good fun. Dr Gabrielle would be proud.

I also escaped other scientific methods of improving my flirting. The other two participants, were given a hair-cut & clothing make-over (goatee removal), personal developement classes in learning how not to talk about yourself, plus use of hands while talking (his hands signalled he was pushing them away) & another match making system based on asking many questions.

After months of research and filming, the producer, Julie, has concluded that finding the right person is complex. We make decisions based on biology & smells that we are vaguely aware of, then social and cultural issues, and then when you meet the right person, it's all really easy. For example meeting MrTASF, he saw, he liked, I liked. I flirted, simple.

there is one more filming event where we all get together & show our new selves.

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