Monday, June 19, 2006

good time theory

Was talking to Joelle, our lovely shop manager, about her big night with the ex-boyfriend & why it was so much fun. Have you had one of those great nights with an ex ? especially when they are flying out/ moving somewhere else that week ? or ones who just fly in for a quick visit ? You have these fun, long, deep, nights. Where everything is discussed, compliments are traded, the world becomes expansive & you feel connected to someone again. Yet, they are not going to be around/ it didn't work etc. Why are those nights so great?

because you didn't expect anything. Future needs & concerns are put aside and replaced with pure enjoyment. It's a 'living-in-the-now' style evening. You are just focused on the good parts, the fun times & you remember why you liked them so much, because you've taken away the questioning. The constant assesment of being with someone is void. You've already decieded they are 'not-right' / 'going-away' and all you have left is the good bits.

I've been reading 'the power of now', besides being recommended by Oprah, is about focusing on the present, as this is the only reality. When you have moments of intensity, where thoughts of past & future are non-existence, is when you are 'in the now'.

So the fun night you had with an ex/ a non-potential, is because you don't place future expectations on the event. you just have fun & leave it at that, knowing that is all there is.

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