Friday, June 02, 2006

A Date!

All that anxiety! all of those wasted thoughts of rejection! Wednesday night MrTASF texts - 'still on for dinner?', we text a few times & then he calls. 'why didn't you answer my email?", 'what email?" 'the one I sent on Tues?" he did send a email, even though I didn't response he kept it.

We talked for 2 hours, just like some teenage phone fest. I asked him for his birthday, he understands my astro fetish & also reads the same astro pages (mystic medusa in the Australian) Finally I had to go to sleep. He then called 10mins after that. I switched my phone to silent & discovered 2 more lovely texts the next day. He's a maniac!

Dinner ended up at Macleay St Bistro (the last of the BYO's !) where we held hands at the end. So corny, so right.

that's all I'll say about the date. you get the picture.

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