Wednesday, May 31, 2006

update on MrBV

At the end of his party, I cornered MrBV & demanded to know what he thought of me. My liking of him had been going for a year& a half, more recently over the last 5 months. It was torture. We hung out in a group, did cool things, but never alone. And you start to think you are stupid. At the age of 38, I've been down this track before. I've had crushes on men who turn gay, those that are gay but you don't find out for 6 months, and those that are great at being your friend.


A simple 'I don't like you like that' is fine. It's reality & you can't fantasize on that. It's the
he's-just-not-into-you stuff.

So on Monday I sent MrBV a thank you for his party, an apology for hasseling him & another thanks for inviting MrTASF (his gym buddy).

He sent back the nicest email & elaborated on how much he enjoys my company, thinks I'm great & that he is deliberately single because he wants to move overseas ! there it was the real truth of his life. He likes being single & is purposely staying so. It makes so much sense to ask people what is really going on. (for those who know MrBV, its a secret so don't say anything)

Torture, though, is a transferring emotion. I am no longer tortured by MrBV. MrTypeASuperFit now has that honor.

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