Tuesday, May 02, 2006

obsessive online tarot usage

the internet has so many uses & the psyhics have found some marvellous ways to channel our universal concerns down the data pipes.

I have two favourites, Mystic Medusa oracle & Salem Tarot's 3 card reading...all free.

The oracle involves closing your eyes and let the arrow fall on a piece of pie, click for the answer! Salem Tarot ask you to click on the button after focusing on your issues; generating 3 tarot cards & their meanings.

Of course, I want to know about MrBalconyView. I asked Mystic 'if he likes the way I look' & the answer was 'yes, but be more subtle'....How can I be more subtle ? I am the Princess of Subtlety.! mystic can be very challenging, but right, annoyingly.

I found more joy with the tarot. In shorthand, cup cards are good, as they are the love cards. My reading ended with 10 of cups. a good sign. I am pleased with the psychic world. Just need a physical world action, ie. a phone call...or text..or email.

the psychic world says yes.

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