Saturday, May 27, 2006

Party Tonight

I'm at work today, perfect to distract myself from thinking about the party tonight. It's MrBalconyView's housewarming & 70 people are coming.

I had my housewarming 2 months ago (MrBV came) and as the hostess I had no time to properly talk to anyone, MrBV was great, he was in fine form, chatted to everyone & I thought there was some attention thrown my way. But in his world everything moves so slowly, so again we see each other in a group setting, never one-on-one.

Before I leave tonight for the party, the preparations are enormous! firstly have to bone-up on the SuperFlirt Dr Morrisey said, just have fun & be responsive, then paint toenails, arrange hair & make-up & check & doulble check outfit. Brush teeth too.

Maybe in the crush of tonight I may be able to tease him about always seeing him in a group. I'd like to do a gallery thing with him. He loves photography.

Sometimes I get wells of panic rising up. That i'll be overwhelmed with the event & end up mute, drinking more champagne than necessary. Went to yoga last night to sweat out these issues. Interestinly the class focused on breathing, deeply, as a means to stay calm. A simple but good point. It does sound so basic it's silly, but small things can get you through. Breath deeply before entering the room. Then head straight for champagne.

What do I think will really happen? it will be noisy, crowded & MrBV & i will chat, but will get distratcted again. Fun, but nothing noteworthy.


Australwind said...

hope you have a great night and find that Mr BV has some some special time for you! Stay calm and poised and don't let the champagne rule!

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