Monday, May 01, 2006

comment from friends

From "Madame Alison"

This Week is the beginning of big things for you. I'm confident that all the Virgoan moons that you could ever want must surely be in alignment today.

Madame Alison predicts an increasingly stellar fashion career, growing in tandem with the acquisition of "deal-closing" flirt skills. As a complete neo-luddite, this is the first blog that I have evere encountered, let alone commented upon. Consequently I'm unsure of what sort of comments I should actually be making. I'm resisting any urge togive you a mark out of ten, although I've thoroughly enjoyed your writing style!I find your global frankness astonishing and I sincerely hope that confronting your fears and embracing the notion of "to thine own self betrue" brings you liberation and renewed vigour. My only advice in your quest is to be wary of so-called Alpha girls or boys that make you feel like a gibbering Epsilon and subtly erode yourself-esteem with discreet put-downs and status games. Such relationships are missing the fundamental bedrock of supporting and appreciating eachother as equals with different gifts. Here's hoping that an early rising Virgo will moon you soon.

from "La Jones"
I agree with the neo-luddite! Beware the alphas - if we apply astrology theory, those who present as alphas through their unflinching display sof self-confidence and sureness of foot and opinion, probably have their ascendent in insecurity and their moon in envy. You are the true alphagirl - leading the way with your originality and sincerity.Your blog was very entertaining and revealing and, like Madame Alison, I am full of admiration for your frankness. Fear not - I think I speak for both of us when I say we will still be your friends even though you voted for John Howard.

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