Monday, May 08, 2006

thoughts on feedback

Well, I feel like a re-invention is going on. I am aware of giving responsive gestures, responding to people, not being 'business perfect' or in 'smile neutral' position. I feel liberated ! .... just need someone to practise on besides the regular coffee shop people.

Also have to get back 'SuperFlirt' book from friends. They latched on it at the pub a few nights ago & are taking turns to borrow the book. Although everyone is starting to reveal their own flirting techniques. For instance, a american southern 'belle friend revealed she always keeps eye contact as she goes for a kiss right next to the lips, never lower your eyes she says, as they say you want them, and bingo! the men respond by kissing you back on the lips.

And special news...MrBalconyView is having a party ! how excitement. I'll be on my best flirt behaivour!

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