Monday, May 01, 2006

Fast Dating

Tuesday night (tomorrow) is the second filming event. I am slighty above the age range, as the other two science rats are younger.

There should be 10 guys to meet, with 7 mins to find out as much as you can. A gong is struck to signal the end of the time. It's quite easy to talk for 7 mins & I love that there is an exit clause to each conversation. I'm a bad mingler & get stuck talking to the wrong bloke (like Kim the Carpet Man.... sometimes it's best not to talk about someone's work! )

There are several tricks to having a good fast date.
1. stand up & greet each man as he approaches your table. assesing him by height is crucial. no use getting on with someone you consider the wrong height.
2. write a few words about each person as they exit your table. eg. Karl 37, mortage broker, lives with his mum. or Derek, 40, fit, nice shirt.
3. dont' drink too much. Have one glass for nerves & then switch to a sparkling drink. I think it's rude to have a plain looks so boring.
4. leave at the end, go to the bathroom if you need some quiet space to fill in your card.

will let you all know how it went!

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