Monday, May 01, 2006

practising my skills

Tried to be more forward, as Madame Alison say's 'deal-closing', with MrBalconyView on Saturday night. It was a group thing to see Pete Murray at theEnmore Theatre, but I spent much time talking & laughing with him. I think laughing helps, instead of trying to out-wit his last comment. We ended up sitting next to each other & all I can say is the seats are small and close together.

I have a freaky relationship with MrBalconyView. We knew each other 20years ago at our schools, I know all his friends, even took one to my formal (of course, he's gay now). We meet again last year & although we went out for dinner, nothing has happened since, except in group situations. The problem is he never calls to have a seperate outing, its always group stuff & heaps of fun. I can't call, so I tried to be more open with MrBV on Saturday.

mind you Steve the astrologer said the 'aquarian' (mrBV) wont' call me & because I won't call him, then we are stuck. So who is right? the astrologer ? or my gut feeling that MrBV will finally do something because we had a good Saturday night? time will tell & so will this blog.

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