Thursday, May 04, 2006

Speed Date

I've now recovered from the angst of speed dating. All your senses are assaulted at once: you are there to actually talk to 10 guys who are also actively looking for a partner, or maybe a play-mate (more about them later)

Firstly a few filming moments, I was shot entering the bar then putting on lipstick in the bathroom while commenting on my nervousness. I wasn't nervous, just knowing you have to perform socially AND there is a film crew AND a sexologist watching your moves. So this is how celebrities feel. Give me anonimity anyday.

The idea was Dr Gabrielle Morissey, a well know sexologist, would study your moves, your body language as you interacted. She would then give you the low-down a few days later. Thus discovering what offensive moves you made to hinder any potentials.

The bell began & the conversations started. I had spoken to some in the pre-amble of arriving & one of these was my first partner, Andrew. I usually start the conversation & I have only one questions 'what do you like doing on the weekends, or time off' most of the guys listed sports, but each had other interesting activities.

There is 7 minutes to find out something which you would want to pursue later. It feels awful to look for reasons to discard someone, but experience tells you where they live (ie far away) what they do for a living, etc are points for you to compare & make note.

There was one key issue & that was my age. Most of the guys were young, a few might be creaping to mid-30s, generally close to 30. So young & bursting with fitness! I just wanted to deflect from age related pop-culture give-aways, eg. my favourite band is Duran Duran !

Highlights: The guy who wanted to get married and have children; life was not worthwhile otherwise, the wedding photographer (sweet but) the plethora of airline pilots..! I've just read 'Air Babylon' about the going's on of airline crew. Two of the pilots were friends, the third was a learner. The exprienced pilots were a bit miffed their thunder was stolen by the unknown third, so they berrated him to the others. Boys can be bitchy sometimes.

I ticked 4 guys, mostly on the insistance of the fast date staff. Not worried if I get a match, but nice to know I can pull the wool on the age thing.

Next filming: Dr Morrissey's response to my flirting style!

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Michael Pfennings said...

Hmmm the wedding photographer. I'm curious. Were you talking about me or was there someone else there that night. Because I do recall talking about my business and hobbies, buit then again I spoke alot about everything about me. One of the things that Dr Gabrielle got me on and there were other things too. I must say that my first impressions with you dont count. That was the first time I did speed dating and I was too busy thinking of what to talk about. But after the first few I finally got into the swing of things. I kind of wished I got to talk to you later on.

Enjoy our next adventure on sunday, Maybe we can get DR Paul Willis to come over the edge with us !!!

What a laught that would be !