Monday, May 29, 2006

The best flirt in the world

There I was on MrBV's balcony, he looked at me & said 'you are the most amazing flirt' & then we pashed. Right in front of everyone. Right in front of the whole 70 other people who could very clearly see us through the enormous glass doors. Right in front of MrBV.

Shall I backtrack? my three girlfriends & I got there early, we organised the champagne & got going. We were out to scan the room, push aside all the marrieds, stop talking to other chicks & concentrate on the singles. MrBV was running around & left us alone. My friends were all encouraging me to get closer, interrupt him, but I just couldn't force it. The room soon filled up.

Music & a glass of champagne are my friends. the DJ, who looked like Yahoo Serious was determined to play his own set. No requests. And Suddenly I turned into a performance artist. The couch, the walls, the floor were all my props. I posed, slid, shimmied on all these things. People stopped. I told them MrBV hired me as a performance artist to liven up the place. Just sometimes I go crazy: this was one of those nights & it was hilarious.

Then he appeared. A man enchanted by my performance, MrTypeASuper-fit. My flirt skills just poured out of me. I was loosened up, ready to have fun. We talked, laughed & I performed. & thats when he said, 'come out to the balcony, I can't hear you in here'. I had convinced him I was The superflirt & extremely high maintenance. We are going out for dinner this week. Hurrah!

I did just one silly thing. I went and asked MrBV, the question. I had spent half the night pinning for him, and the other half max-flirting with MrTASF. I just asked if he thought of me in any special way. He said, he thought I was fun, great to hang around with but no. I wanted to hear that. I wanted to bury the issue. over. final. finished. & as my great friend Nicole would say. 'move on'.

I resolved one thing & started another. Life has changed & I'm ready for it.

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