Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Door

Golden Door, is a health retreat in QLD. My friend Liz & I were burnt-out. We were saggy, not sleeping, head-ache prone & generally lost our joy. Years ago I went to a similar retreat, Camp Eden, & loved the results. The measurement is in terms of 'the holiday bubble', my camp eden bubble lasted 6 months. I wanted the same turn-around results. A 7 day detox, early morning wake-up fest, fresh food and being physical not mental for most of the day.

This is what happens, everyone is woken up at 5:45am, for 6:15 tai chi, followed by a mountain walk (various grades), then breakfast. Your schedule is ready then, showing the day's activities, seminars, stretches, yoga, pilates, boxing etc, plus any one of the 4 included treatments (3 massages & 1 facial). The rules are no phones, meat, alcohol, coffee, tea or cigarettes & no leaving the camp for that time. You can take calls at night in areas where the phone works. Food was low-fat, low GI with fish and eggs included.

The first few days I keep falling asleep in the seminars. I can do the early wake-up & the walks were beautiful, but I start to flag latter in the day. Slipping off to my cabin for mini-naps was also allowed.

There are pages of extra treatments to take, including nutrition, hot rocks, acupunture. I took Reiki, a 'laying-of-hands' therapy. I thought it would help me in meditation, another extra course we both wanted to take. The treatment rooms were warm and inviting, lots of candles, smells, fresh towels & soft lights. Without going into it too much, I did feel the loosening of muscle tension, a calmness and flashes of colours in my head, which related to the opening of various chakras.

I love being bouncy and physical, swimming, walking, stretching. I found that joy quickly and learnt to separate my mind. I told it to 'shut-up' and stopped thinking about so many things. This detachment is also essential in meditation, said Kam (yes, with a K) the teacher. Cracking the nut on meditation was also good, but I'm such a 10 minute meditator, just a beginner.

The food also had an enormous effect. Basically low GI foods keep you fuller longer. Within 3 days no-one rushed to the buffet table. The stomach rumblings & the sugar cravings/ afternoon slump disappeared. The chef gave a cooking demonstration, I bought the book & am continuing the formula, which is amazing for me as I am so disinterested in planning meals & cooking.

Learning to switch off the mind helped in another areas. I stopped obsessing about my love life. As the camp motto is 'it's all about you' meant not the prima donna version of that statement, but looking after yourself first, thinking of what makes you balanced. Any spare time can do into obsessing, but it started to feel pointless & a waste of energy. quelle relief.

Reader, it's become important to look after yourself first, stop obsessing, then distract yourself with activity that will benefit you. We are all aiming to be ourselves but with an equal partner who you also 'let him be'. Two individuals, no dominant/ submissive/ compulsive behavior.

I finished the week with a final Rieke session. Michael, the practitioner, said 'wow, you are so grounded & different' I felt it. My legs felt solid, totally plank-like & strong. The session began with strong sensations of purple lights, warmth all through my chest & the sense I had unblocked my stomach area & I could really breathe. It all sounds weird & did-I-have mushrooms for lunch?, no, but it just made me feel great. I was ready for home & reacting well to my world.

Got back a few days ago & had a mini-fit. Saw Liz last night & she said 'you look weird' I felt weird, everything seems wrong, changes need to be made. My muscles were twitching constantly & I couldn't settle. All the calmness I sought was missing. What happened to my joy at the camp ? I was break-dancing, doing the extreme walks & feeling totally grounded and switched on to myself.

This morning I decided to take control & do whatever I needed to shake the weirdness.

to be continued...

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