Saturday, July 29, 2006


I've wanted to discuss this thought for a while now. One of the psychics I visited last year (who said I would meet someone in march this year... he's a bit late) also said I would get married & it would be 'like a fairytale'. A great thing to hear in a reading, but what I think is a fairytale may not be what the psychic thought or what another person thinks is a fairytale.

for instance. Shrek. He's an ogre & I'm secretly an orge & his best friend is a donkey. That's one fairtytale. Or, I'm a prostitute & he's a corporate banker & he's rescues me from my life of depravity & we both floss our teeth together. Or even, I'm a chardonnay drinking assistant shit-kicker & he's a human rights barrister, & we both wear matching jumpers forever.

what is a reasonable fairytale? something that could actually happen? Boy meets girl, girl drinks too much one night, throws up in taxi & looses her phone, He is haunted by his alcoholic mother so books love interest into AA, once she gets a replacement phone & he can call her & they move to Byron Bay & grown organic wine together.

or something really simple. She likes him, He like her back & they go on a few dates, then start having dinners at home, then start spending Friday nights on the couch with pizza and DVDS until pressure from family creates need to 'formalize' the arrangement. He moves into her place (because that's just what happens) & it all goes from there. I think the current order of commitment is
1. mortgage
2. baby
3. marriage - once baby is cute enough to wear cowboy/ cowgirl outfit to parent's wedding.

so someone will just appear & ask me to commite to a 25 yr mortgage & we'll live happily ever after.

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k said...

Yep, that's it. We all have our fairytales, and that's so incredibly normal not to fall into what the norm is.
Yep, I'd happily do the 25 yr mortgage as committment. You know they are legally bound, just as much as marriage.
Good point!