Monday, July 10, 2006

date no. 4

he's warming up. he's becoming more relaxed & easier to talk to. I thought he might be nervous the first couple of times, so last night we meet for sunday night dinner. It was good to start feeling comfortable; stories are being expanded, names are now familiar. Not quite there yet on the desire front, just dont' want to go there yet. There is no rush. We have time.

I've been having panic moments: as I contemplate a relationship. I am comfortable being single. My life is mine, the bed, the bathroom, what I do & when. Everyone talks about the joy of sharing your life with someone, well I do, with my family & friends, and they've been there for years. They are my bricks, my support, all that a person can need. I don't feel a lack. I can wander around the shopping centre, have lunch by myself, see a film, call a's all fulfilling.

In the down bits, I'll have a long shower, sleep in, go to yoga, talk to a friend, write on the blog!

I do look forward to seeing him. Just letting it unfold & avoiding any panic.

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