Friday, July 21, 2006

on-line confidence boosting

I'm having fun with the internet.

Sally sent me this link.

try also the 'what's your goddess sign' based on your birthday. I'm Persephone.

Then my favourite....mystic medusa's oracle. You ask the oracle a question from the drop down list.
Question: - 'I'm Gorgeous! So Why I Am Still Single?'
answer. You get obsessed with someone hard to get and then vanquishing all's the chase you're keen on but you find it tough 'closing the deal'.
(madame alison's words! eery stuff!)

Question - 'Simpatico! Is Mr BalconyView Thinking Of Me Right This Minute?!'

answer: Passionately!
(never had that answer before! should stop while I'm ahead.)

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