Thursday, July 20, 2006

why mens are like stallions

While at 'Golden Door' health retreat, the nurse, Shirley, told a great story about 'why men are like stallions'. I was reminded of this last weekend when Darren came to stay for dinner. He was quite comfortable with three women present & was the chattiest I've ever seen.

Basically, put a bunch of stallions (collective noun?) in a paddock with one mare & they'll all try to compete, show off or gain attention, in that 'I'm-friskier-than-you' way. Put one stallion with a few mares & he'll be quiet & well behaved....there's more to it than that & it is Shirley's story ...but my point is.....why men never introduce you to their friends & like to have the women to themselves.

It's happened more than a few times. Another great male friend, Arnaud, is happy to be the only male present, even though he has 3 other single male friends, it took 2 years for him to invite them to our parties. Whereas my friends & I travel in groups, we introduce spare men & see if anything happens.

Darren, a friend of MrBalconyView's, dropped into Liz's house the other night. Amanda & I turned up & he stayed for dinner. One man, three women. I think men like these odds. A good dinner is where there is a few more men to flirt with. We all liven up with more men to chat to.

You have to force your male friends to introduce you to theirs. Usually you meet their friends only when the relationship is well & truly established. Whereas women are keen to show their new boyfriend to their friends as soon as possible. Even if the man is just a friend he still wont' share his friends.

Some of our male friends are so reluctant to bring other male friends along we have just stopped inviting them. Wish they would realise they are more attractive if we can meet their friends, guess they are just being stallions with the odds in their favour.

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