Friday, July 07, 2006

final final filming

a quick aside before discussing the abseiling....

twice it happened this week, was talking to bloke friends who have long term girlfriends, both I've know for ages. Was telling them about the filming, the flirting & how being single is no longer a dirty word. Each of them said they couldn't believe I hadn't been 'snapped-up', and they both knew heaps of guys who thought I was hot (no names, damn) , guys who watch me from afar, talk to other guys about me, who are they ? why don't they approach? or do I not encourage? ! I have no answers! Life is just too bizarre sometimes.

Onto abseiling. It's really a silly activity, going backwards down a mountain with a rope nappy to stop you from going splat.

MrTouche drove, in his nice warm car (the sort with heated seats) we talked, he would glance and look at me (keep you eyes on the mountainous roads, I thought! ) I told him the whole catalyst story: would you believe he went out with Tracy Cox? the writer of SuperFlirt? ! how co-incidence is that?. Thinks shes great & knew her just before she published her first sex guide.

Anyway, the abseiling was near the Scenic Railway at Katoomba. We were perched on a rock overlooking the Blue Mountains and Three Sisters. A great vista & it will look good on camera. The premise of this activity, which will become the opening scene, is us 'facing our fears' . The science host, Dr Paul, introduces the show, mentions the fear of changing ourselves, as we dissapear over the mountain leadge, screaming. The other two 'talents' (that's tv talk, not my tag), Micheal & Hwei were there & it was great to compare notes on filming. Hwei did the best screams as she went over the mountain (really a 5mtr cliff ! ) while Micheal & I contemplated having to catch her from below, her screams were that authentic.

My greatest fear was being filmed from behind: irrational but necessary, I thought. While the film crew set up at the base of the cliff. Julie, the producer, asked me to abseil down & look fearful. As I leaned out of the cliff, Julie yelled out 'what was that request? not to film from behind?' as I realised, Bridget Jones style, I was ready to go bottom first down the cliff right into the camera. Tricked!

MrTouche was there the whole time. I did tune out from him being there, as I tend to worry if people are not having a good time. I gave him the option of leaving and coming back later, but he seemed to be comfortable. Later as we drove home, talking the whole way, he asked if I wanted to come over for dinner during the week. I had no good reason to say yes or no as I dont know my feelings at this stage. I'm not enamoured of him, but not ready to say no. So I said yes.

wednesday, dinner at his place. tbc....

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