Monday, July 17, 2006

fast date

I am the professional speed dater. I've been taught to be open, relaxed and have some fun (by a sexologist) so the night Di & I went speed dating was easy. Di is a consumate talker & finds the event like any corporate function she attends. You just have to ask them lots of easy questions.

The company in charge, fast date, are the cheapest. No open bar or snacks. Just one drink and off you go. Decided to use the 'what do you do on the weekend' question, which quickly became boring ( like to go for walks, play touch footy) and I hate to ask what they do for a job (although the PH.D scientist told me straight away he was solving diabetes, didn't wait for any question!) so threw in a red herring...'what's your star sign?' . I did ask the question last, so as not to appear like a freak. One guy refused to answer.

I liked the first guy, a russian named scotsman. After that most were shorter than me or too young. I knew Di wouldn't pick someone just because you should: only if she really wanted too, resulting in a blank card, so picking one person is enough, I thought.

I was a bit over-enthusiastic: eager to show off my new flirting skills, I just laughed & made jokes, moved my body and arms & tried to smile constantly, not make witty back-comments.

The email result the next day, the Russian Scotsman and I matched. Nine others picked me but I didn't pick them. When I spoke to the RS, he said he was confused and ticked everyone on the list as 'friends', whereas I left them all blank. We're having drinks on Friday.

These dating set-ups take all the mystery out of meeting people. I now long for the excrutiating moments prior to asking someone if they have a partner. The kind where you meet someone's friend at drinks or party & try to get to that crucial question quickly without appearing nosey.

I am so hard to please...!


k said...

I know! I miss those times when friend introduces you at a house-party or something. Or those times when you just see someone from across the room, eyes lock, you smile, he smiles and wa-bam! you walk towards each other and find out he's a freak, smile and walk away. Ok, come on, that's fun isn't it?
I agree with the speeddating thing. I did it not too long ago myself.

Australwind said...

Friend of mine did the speed dating thing and met a guy with whom she struck up a "let's just be friends" type of interaction. (He was one of three she matched with) She persisted with one who, it turned out, had stretched the truth about quite a bit including his age (was 51 when he was supposed to be early 40's)That didn't last.

The "let's just be friends" has instead developed into something quite wonderful and she is having a marvellous time. Speed dating has certainly worked for her!