Thursday, July 20, 2006

i'm not going to analyse this...

For the last week MrBalconyView, my former crush, is back in contact. It started with a one-line email 'hi how are you doing?" & has escalated to a potential movie date. He wants to see 'my super ex-girlfriend'. Not quite top of my list of movies, but he wants to see it, so I'll go.

Years ago, on the verge of my second most serious relationship, that current interest asked me to a movie. The only film I couldn't stand to see, at that time, was Jim Carey's 'Liar Liar'. And that was precisely the movie he wanted to see. We even meet some of his friends in the cinema by accident as well.

I'm not comparing this event, nor analysing or judging his choice: really I'm not.

there's no specific date set, sometime next week, as MrBalconyView is on a 4 day buck's weekend away. I have the russian-name scotsman to meet on Friday night for drinks to keep me occupied. And the new Australian film 'Jindabyne' to see...more my taste.

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