Saturday, July 29, 2006

saturday night

Had the flu this week, which slowed me down. Last night had drinks & dinner with TheRussianScotsman. We ordered a bottle of champagne at Cafe Sydney, then headed downstairs to Young Alfred's for pizza dinner. Nice, Easy, Enjoyable. I told him I wasn't in a hurry and that was good to say, the pressure is off. I'm not swapping all my time to be with him, he will be gradually integrated into the social life. Because I've spend years cultivating friendships, social invites & being there for friends. I can't flip into a relationship and dump my former life, I might need it in 3 weeks time anyway.

Rugby is on tonight, then a party, hosted by a single male doctor who is famous for his parties. MrBalconyView is on the list for the invite, which just makes me laugh. No contact from him this week, but he'll be at the party. No manners, no thought.

It just feels good not to have any pressure or objectives or determined outcomes to an evening. To just go & enjoy & take it as it comes.

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