Wednesday, August 02, 2006


just quickly, to help me get over MrBalconyView, I 've put his business card in the freezer. This is an old witchy trick...I'm 'freezing him out'

I inherited the fridge from Liz, she had a business card in there from a collegue who tried to take over one of her projects. The collegue no longer works with her.


Australwind said...

Thanks for the "witchcraft tip" ... have a feeling I might need to employ it soon!!

Cat's Experiment said...

if you don't have a business card, just write their name on a post-it note or just the same :-)

Australwind said...

Will give it a shot.....thanks Cat.

Hope everything else is working out ok... what's the date for the Catalyst screening again?

Cat's Experiment said...

catalyst programme still not scheduled... was too be august sometime. feel sick.

Claire said...

Get out. I've never heard of this - but I'm secretly tremendously superstitious.

I think I need to do this tonight.

Australwind said...

Feel sick? why?

Too much booze again or have you exposed yourself to a nasty bug or three?