Tuesday, August 22, 2006

MrChatty Date #2

He was away & I was away, so finally last Friday we meet for dinner. He offered to pick me up....I was ready to jump in and say' oh, no don't worry, I'll meet you there.." but I realise I like being picked up. You dont' have to occupy yourself while waiting...checking phones, reading the menu,...it actually starts when he arrives & you're ready.

He choose a new tapas style restaurant & we sat, drank & laughed. I could list some of the topics we talked about, but it was the usual stuff, family, past relationships, work cv, etc, but it's the other things that happened that made me laugh.

In the SuperFlirt book, it says to look for clusters of flirtatious physical signs. Playing with the tie, hands on hips with fingers pointing to the zipper, flared nostrils...but the one sign that I thought was odd & not very flirtatious to witness is 'pulling up & playing with socks' , it's a long way down to the sock area for one & what brain biology is a man using when socks are suggestive ? But there he was, tugging and pulling his socks right at me, all night.

I like this one. He's a good egg. He's coming to the INXS concert too. We have the same daggy taste, ELO, Fleetwood Mac & other 70's bands, plus he loves Duran Duran..! my favourites.

Another reason why I like him... am super broke at the moment, so was worried about paying etc. I love it when the card comes out & everything is taken care of.... the way to my heart is both via my stomach, my liver & my wallet

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