Tuesday, August 01, 2006

multiple dating

The party on Saturday was great. We all talked to lots of different people, didn't drink too much & ended up with possibly another friend/ date.

Oh, & MrBalconyView turned up. Between Tanya & I we extracted the money from him for the Countdown concert, shortly afterwards he was approached by one of those 'classic party blondes' not a Paris type, the 30+ version of, more like Simone Warne. 20 mins later they were pashing. nice work.

my new hobby is 'multiple dating': see if you don't do anything with a bloke on a date, then you have no guilt, therefore you can date others & see if one is better. That's my potted version of my new activity...I'll describe further...

Usually once I go on a date, I feel like I have to say 'no' to others, despite anything happening & despite if I really like the guy or not. Basically I can only concentrate on one bloke at a time. Why should I ? See I'm not sure about TheRussianScotsman, but he could get better over time & he is good fun. So I am interviewing him really, and I need other candidates for the vacancy of 'my boyfriend' as you should. It takes about 4 or 5 goes to get the right candidtate, like any job prospect. Instead of a psyche test, I'll grill him with questions about fidelity, commitment, private vs public schools, politics & mortgage rates. Interviews are conducted in bars & restuarants. Social skills are examined, conversation is noted & attraction secures the deal.

and besides they try harder to interest you because nothing has happenned. I used to be afraid of not showing my interest, but now it's all about being on a 'slow date' & seeing what sort of person they really are.

I don't have any other dates at this stage...but will not refuse one!

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k said...

that is awesome!
that's also my problem. I get in with one, then try and don't try any more. Granted some of the time, this has been quite ok with me. I did multiple date when dating one guy who i refused to sleep with (eventually did, it sucked, i stopped calling and lost out on a good friend, oh well! was NOT boyfriend material for me), but there was no one that grabbed my attention.
I wish I had the self control to do that with the guy i'm currently dating, but can't. I'm unfortunately hooked :) guess we'll see!
good for you, i wish i could do that too!
oh well, next time :)