Thursday, May 25, 2006

party this weekend

the other topic of the week, is MrBV's party, this saturday. I just want to look great, bright shining eyes, fab frock & practise flirting & not worry about the outcome (most important). He may already have chicks wanting to out-flirt me. It's just a 'go & see what happens' event. He is the host & will be distracted by everyone. Making an impression is my thing & to confirm how I feel in his company.

however, monday morning, first day back I get emails from him about a Countdown concert, then I asked about the party (he's not organised) and the emails are flying. For 2 days he asks my advice & we plan going to the concert in september.

By saturday I will be using every calming technique I can muster, short of swigging vodka, including meditation, SKII face packs, rescue remedy & going to the toilet a lot. I feel sick but look outwardly calm.

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