Wednesday, May 31, 2006

letting go

Mr TypeA-SuperFit hasn't called yet to organise dinner. In my usual demanding way I want specialness. Call now; put me at ease.

However, this time I'm going to do the whole 'beginning-of-something' differently. Usually everything is over in 3 weeks. It's the magic time frame for making relationship decisions. It used to be 3 months: but the world is getting faster, so things like taking the time to know someone suffers in our haste. According to SuperFlirt I should make myself scarce. I will slow down the number of times I see him, the obsessional thoughts I have, but can't quite leave the psychic & astro aspects of discovering someone. I can do these alone anyway. He doesn't need to know, I will just share this with you lot.

I can't remember his birthday, although I saw his driver's license (I'm not stupid.. you need to see those things within an hour of pashing someone) but can't quite remember his birthday. I think he is is a Virgo, an early Virgo, (whoa! steve the astrologer said I should go out with an early Virgo) so have to leave all the astro stuff until I see the license again.

Then you can Google them. You type his name into Google & see if he comes up on web sites. I did this once for a date & found out he was a black belt in karate. Unfortunately MrTASF has a common name. His last name is Robinson, how cool is that? I could be Mrs Robinson (in a simon & garfunkel way)

All I can do is use the psychic cards. I don't like tarot, the death card scares me. It also reminds me of a former flat-mate/ witch who had her own version of what my cards said. I have two packs of cards called 'trust your vibes' & 'ask your guides' both by Sonia Choquette. I bought them off a web site in the US, so they must be good. I picked one & it said 'let go', I have done everything I can, it said, so wait for the universe to do it's bit. Okay, Okay. I just have to wait.

What a shame I'll be in Coolum on the weekend. My recently seperated friend, Nicole & I are off to indulge at the Hyatt for 3 days. Her coming-of-divorce treat. My still-single treat.

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