Monday, May 01, 2006

a nice story

my friend, Nicole, has just recently ventured onto RSVP. She is taken back by the hordes of undesirables who are contacting her. I call them the 'bottom dwellers' ...just because you are single, putting yourself out there, they think you will be interested in their two greyhounds, stubbies, thongs, 4 kids (at home sometimes) & living distance of 100kms from the nearest coffee shop. please!

So it was really nice to catch-up with Yvette the other night. She is the epitomy of an RSVP fairytale & I wanted to hear how the Fiji wedding plans were going. The Tiffany & Co wedding ring flashed as she told me frankly it has had it moments, but he is so nice to come home to, leaves his (stress corporate) life behind & they throughly enjoy each other company & laugh heaps. Fantastic!

Yvette's story, although filled with roses, diamonds and a nice bloke, has one simple element to it .... he is nice to come home to & he leaves his stress behind. That alone was worth hearing. That a nice bloke exists who also enjoys his work, but is now mature enough to balance it all.

Having a life at home, which you can look forward to as you leave work, is the part I miss the most.....the search contiunes.

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