Monday, June 19, 2006

chopping vegetables therapy

I called MrTypeA-SuperFit on Sunday. I'd had enough of the anxiety of no-contact. I like to close things off, a bit like cornering Mr Balcony View at his party. My birthday was on Wednesday & what good is a bloke in your life if you don't get acknowledgment at least.

I had a feeling he was backing-off. So I called, went to voice mail. The text reply asked if I wanted to catch-up on Wednesday as he was off to Perth & he has just sent an email. Of course I drove straight to work & turned on the computer.

It was a long email, saying he was still sick, but mostly he was 'freaked out' at going on a date. His marriage breakup was still affecting him & he wanted to stay free & 'go wild' so wouldn't be a great boyfriend, at the moment. There were lots of lovely things too.

feels like crap everytime.

It was sunday afternoon, time to chop vegetables. The pots were on the stove, the knives were ready. The carrots, leaks, potatoes & other vegies were all chopped fast & loudly. It was two soup therapy time. Smells of garlic, beans, stock, herbs & the iPod of cheesy music were all helping. There is nothing like spliting a carrot & chopping it roughly as you ponder your love life.

You know, it's such a timing thing, as my iPod randomly played 'Don't go breaking my Heart' by Elton John & Kiki Dee., I sang along & just had to laugh. Romantic break-ups can be corny.

soup anyone?

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