Friday, June 16, 2006

nowhere land theories

Back in neutral space again. Back to questioning everything! ...and back to one of my favourite theories..

that...there has never been a generation of women like us, ever, in the history of the world. Specifically Gen X, those born 1963 - 1975. First World women, like me (like you! ) currently have the most freedom in education, media, finance, politics, our lives, like no other generation that has gone before.

We have all of this, and although there is still progress to be made in terms of representation of women in corporate, political & financial worlds, we can still have education at any level, have 5 credit cards, purchase cars, homes, loans, live by ourselves, have boyfriends, get married, divorced, stay single .... and mostly we have the blessing of the world around us. Any negativity is either cultural, personal or subjective; because we can do more things than any other generation before us.

For example, in the 1970's my divorced solicitor aunt, could not get a home loan. In loans terms she is employed and well able to service her mortgage, especially as a lawyer, but banks didn't loan to single women. How amazing is that? Here I am in 2006, with a no-document home loan (of staggering proportions! )

With this idea in mind, I try to understand why life doesn't go our way. It's not about trying to be grateful for our situation, but when you are the trail blazers, certain issues are created.

I see history viewing us in years to come. The issues of our day. People marrying later, having children later, or none. Single groups are replacing families, and meeting someone.....the biggest issue of all ! Now it can be done on-line, via instant messenger, speed dating, singles parties, computer matches. We can find romantic love via a processor chip.

Putting myself in this 'brave new world' of women's freedom & trying to understand why I still dont have a (decent) boyfriend, is a constant conundrum. my own theory of relativity to be solved,.. cat's theory.


k said...

Wow, that is interesting.
I've never heard of someone being shunned for a loan based on being a single female. They don't do that over here :)
There are always the 'old school' expectations of women that haven't seem to have changed at all over the past 30 years.
I wish people would just grow up a little!
PS, i love the blog. I've been doing a ton of online dating, just started speed dating myself. It's interesting... to say the least :)

Australwind said...

Having taken out a home loan in the 70's, I can understand why she would have been refused and it would have been all about the risk that she might get pregnant and stop working!!!!

The bank's policies were firmly rooted in the pre "contraception options" time.... and the cutural expectation that women were still about having families.

With the broadening of the lending market to institutions other than banks, anyone can get a loan for a mortgage these days.....and large housing one usually require two working to service them!