Wednesday, June 28, 2006

practical blind date

Meeting MrTouche for a date tonight. Meet him on line last week & decided to meet tonight. He used to be a Pentathete, so he can fence & ride horses. I asked him to speak the french bits in fencing, very posh, very attractive in a man.

will have to go home & scrub up. went to yoga at lunch to stop focusing on the date. it worked, now look like a oily-haired lunatic.

for the astro-fiends, I already know his birthday(I work fast! ) & have looked up various guides on that. he's a Gemini, like me, but has lots of cancer in his sign (my ascendent is cancer). all that crap will sit on the back of my mind, but the trick is I JUST HAVE TO MET HIM FIRST. quite simple really.

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