Friday, June 09, 2006

over it

I am over thinking too much about relationships. And trying to explain where it's at, how it's going, what you've been doing in one. I attempt explaining what is happening, that I met this guy, I've been out once, and nothing has happened since, that was 8 days ago. I just can't be bothered explaining.

What can be the magical explaination to this ?...I went on a date, and now nothing. For instance, lots of new phrases are borrowed from other industries. Remember 'drill-down' & 'forensic analysis' all borrowed from science or mining..? Can I borrow the lingo of another industry to give a status report on whatever is happening, without evoking sympathy/ empathy/ pity/ emotions in general? I'ts a situation 57, 1 date, 15 text messages & now he's sick or Shared Food, alchohol & saliva: waiting for toxicity report before continuing.

MrTASF is unwell, so haven't seen him since the date night, 8 days ago. I was away for 3 nights myself, but it feels like it's completely slowed down - a 'go-slow' I just have no energy to put into explaining this, nor do I want to ruminate on the small details thus trying to extract some status on the relationship. I emailed twice & asked him out, but he is sick, so I'm just going to leave it.

This weekend is chick's weekend at the beach house. No-one has any males to bring & we are all happy in our own ways. We will eat chocolate, look like a mess, have magazines and nailpolish everywhere & the toilet seat will remain down.

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Claire said...

You borrow away.

From my girlfriend Jane, who works in the security industry, I learned a few really handy call numbers (like the police).

A 1061 (ten-sixty-one) is code for an "undesirable" or someone that you wish to have removed from the premises. A 1016 is a desirable.

It's great for using in bars when you don't want to lean across the poor guy, er, bloke, and yell "THIS GUY'S AN UNDESIREABLE...LET'S GO!"

Although yelling out a number doesn't really make it much better. Just funnier.