Monday, June 26, 2006

rsvp date this week

I haven't 'kissed' anyone on RSVP. I've just left it to chance. Sure there are some odd balls & those that I don't' consider my 'ideal' but I'm only after one person, not a tribe. Two people caught my eye. I had to decide who to use my last email stamp on. The stamp was a birthday present from the web site & expired 7 days after receiving. At the final hour I choose to respond to the 6ft, sporty boy in the blue business shirt. In his profile he talked of visiting many developing countries & wanting to give something back. A noble enough thought that triggered my interest.

After a few emails, he texted to ask if it was okay to call me in the afternoon. nice! . We talked for half an hour & decided Wednesday was good for a date. It's all in the meeting, the actuality of presence. No use getting excited about a phone call. When I meet him, it's either yes or no. I jokingly said to him, that if I went to the bathroom & didn't come back, then I had used the old 'escaped from bad date' routine.

I'm so pleased to be nonchalant about this style of dating. You just accept the situation for what it it, a valid way to meet someone, and if they are creepy, just don't' see them again.

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