Monday, June 05, 2006

that monday feeling

it's a rainy cold 5th day of winter. Yesterday I was in QLD sunning myself by the pool while Nicole was having a massage. It was her 'recently seperated' 3 day holiday to Coolum treat.

Sunday morning I cycled to the beach at Coolum, walked through the forest to emerge at the beach, it was a bright sunny 25deg. I felt truly lucky. Things are moving in the right direction. I feel I've broken a few cycles & life will be different.

But bloody men still confuse me. I don't know whether to be 'hands-off' or 'friendly and chatty'. Should I follow the rule of scarcity? dissapear, be really busy, etc ? My mind is throwing me all the history of my wrong moves. how it all ends in 3 weeks, which means I have 13 days left before he says, 'it aint' working' maybe I'll just go underground & come back in 13 days. I just have to 'not care'. Sorry boys, but I have to let you do all the work at the beginning. It's your job. I will be nice later, but only if you stick around. Meanwhile's freezing! I have to go to hot yoga to warm up !


Australwind said...

Its that "once burnt, twice shy" feeling...... but sometimes you need to drive the relationship with a potential new "beau", just as much as you have to for friends and family. Its a matter of sussing out what type of person he is.... like you would with any friend.... some are drivers and some are passengers.

Will be very interested to see this programme when it finally gets to air. Is there a proposed screening date?

Cat's Experiment said...

thanks for your comments, they really came at the right time. I think we all get a bit jadded with relationships, despite wanting one so much. I have to be who I am, 'friendly and chatty'..!