Saturday, April 15, 2006

Replacing things

My newest mantra is based on a clothing upgrade. I'm using this to banish the old & find the newer, better man.

It's starts with a wardrobe cleanout. The corporate clothing of 5 years ago is no longer relevant. The ill-fitting barely-worn clothes are also marked. I do believe in investment dressing, having classic pieces with fantastic cost-per-wear memories. But sometimes, the classic just has to go.

My favourite jacket of circa 2000, a seemingly expensive, much worn jacket by Jane Lamberton(melbourne designer) is no longer my life. I need something sharper, cuter, an update on the classic.

An anxious night was spent with the outdated classics sitting in a chinese bag in my bedroom, ready for their last journey to Salvo's. I was grateful for their usage but the cleansing ritual was in motion. Time to go, old things.

Some weeks later at Kirribilli markets, my fingers ran across an exceptional cloth. A black jacket of extraordinary finess. The lining was the tell-tale excitement point. A Paul Smith. (english designer, italian fabric)

I had to let go of the Jane to allow Paul to enter my life. It was a classics upgrade.

Sometimes you don't know why certain actions are taken. But the energy of the wrong clothes were holding back on the new things. I think of this while mulling over why Mr Balcony View has to be purged. I have to let go of him for the better one to enter. Maybe Mr Harbourside, or Mr BeachFront is next ? who knows? but letting go is an unknown step, so I quote ' Toss out theJane & let the Paul in'.

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