Wednesday, April 26, 2006

First Day of Filming

It's that moment before you venture into something you've never done before & the first reaction is to run in the opposite direction. What if I.... called and cancelled, stayed at home & turned off my phone? play chicken basically. Today is about facing fears. I was about to have a camera stuck in my face & talk boys & the lack of them in my life, in an extremely public space. A few shots of Rescue Remedy were necessary.

Fashion week started today. My suggestion was to film at this location as it would look good. Several friends were eager to come along and be my 'sex in the city' comrades.

We started in the agency suites, me doing my meet & greet thing with customers, then we focused on the shoes (hurrah! shoes on tv) while I explained I was the 'angelina jolie of shoes' preventing poverty stricken shoe artisans in India from going hungry, by supporting their brand.....I'm so good at making up stories!

Then Julie, the producer's, turn to interview me about my love life, what relationships I've had, if I'm too fussy, what am I looking for and what extreme things I've done to get boys going to New Zealand , finding out a rugby tour was on & going to the match. As my friend Alison says 'I suggest not explaining away too much about why you are single. People just don't understand that every man that we collectively met from 1986 - 1998 was, in fact, gay. '

Weirdly, no-one was noticing, TV camera crews are completly normal at Fashion Week, which helped me not feel so attention seeking.

The next shot required a bar scene, my girlfriends and champagne. I talked us into the VIP bar, complete with free mini bottles of champers. Having a camera crew is a great way to free-load. By then Suzy, Liz & Amanda had arrived. It was a perfect SITC moment. We were encouraged to talk about our lives & boys. After a few stilted moments we got going & stop noticing the camera.

Was a little wary as I was wired up, big brother style, and would say something silly, but managed to get through another hour of walking around & filming. It was the parting of the seas, moses style, as me & the camera posse walked around the stands.

The filming plan is this. Next Tuesday is a speed date, with the 2 other guinea pigs, while being watched by a body language expert. We will then be analysed by her & told the results. The scheduled airing date is August.

Not quite so terrified now.

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