Friday, April 07, 2006

Not freaking yet

the thought of TV exposure, my warhol-15-mins, is somewhat surreal. But the topic 'sucess and sex appeal' is what's inspiring me to contribute. I will be 'made-over' using scientific methods into a sex magnet. They want background shots first, my 'before' image, before re-programming me & filming the results.

I'm actually shy, a talking shy person. My friends are the alpha's. They call guys, ask them to events & have them as friends. I just tag along, but the common factor is we are all single, so being alpha is no guarantee. Being shy, talkative & drunk isn't either. Will the scientists provide the answer ?

I'm also a complete blusher. Red neck if you like. Grogblossom appearance. A classic thin skinned, whitey celtic aussie. As the nice Italian man in the cafe said' you're a skippy! " So this heritage skin condition is also on view.

Getting a super facial on Saturday. need to look my best.

And I hope they serve drinks in the midst of all this flirting, I can't do it straight.

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