Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A bit more background

Not that I should have to explain myself..! but to make it more interesting for you lot.

Like any single female, I obsess a lot about the current state of my relationships with men. Apart from 'trying to be wise' I just end up pashing boys in pubs, drinking too much red wine & wondering how it really works.

my obsession usually starts with a google search. It used to be a phone book search, a drive by his house & endless hours starting at the back of his head, while taking the bus/ train. I love becoming older & more sophisticated at my juvenile crushes. Google. Now the last boy I googled, had entered a photo comp & had a nice picture of Rushcutter's Bay (in sydney). it was a moolight picture. Two indulgently girly thoughts occured. I made his picture my screen-saver & I imagined pashing him on his balcony.

The state of my obsession is mirrored by my screen-savers. My current is of the Opera House, from the Outdoor Cinema, taken the night I was ALONE & saw Brokeback Mountain. A poignant reminder on the state of my life. So you can guess Mr Balcony View is now over...

Business Cards are also complete obsessed collectors items. The ones you don't want give them away; the ones you like you have to ask for. Only to join the pile of discarded ones in the dusty card box when it's all over. I don't have notches. I have business cards.

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