Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have to be here

I am lost without you little blog. My friend Marilyn reminded me yesterday I should resume blogging.. .. she thought of this while gassed out at the dentists. Strange where you can have epiphany moments. My moments are usually in the shower.. this is a good excuse to take longer showers.

Yes, lots has happened.. and the weirdest one is that I'm in a relationship. Yes it's good, but I don't blog about him while it's happening.. Have learnt that you don't blog about him while you're seeing him.

To give you a summary and over the next few weeks will update you on all my shower thoughts.

  • I'm unemployed right now (it's day 4)
  • Still haven't done my tax. That's six years worth now
  • I owe about $16,000 on credit cards
  • My mortgage is up to date
  • I go to pub trivia every week and we win almost every time
  • I see a psychotherapist weekly
  • I'm not on any anti-depressives
  • My boyfriend is hot
  • I'm writing a children's book
  • Going to see Spandau Ballet, Tears for Fears, The Pixies and Simple Minds in concert

back soon

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