Monday, November 27, 2006

head, not heart

Got last minute tickets to see Kylie Minogue. Meet at the Entertainment Centre only to realise it was out at Homebush (20kms away), our free tickets were 3 rows from the back, but the concert was good. Kylie has just recovered from breast cancer & this show is the comeback from the earlier cancelled ones. The gay audience was beside themselves over the beefcake dancers in psuedo bondage. The costumes were fab, all Dolce Gabbana & Galliano. Without going into a review, I enjoyed it immensly

As she sang 'Put your hand on your heart' (and tell me) I thought of all the boys and dates of this year. All of them are just in my head, not my heart. No-one is in my heart. Which means I am clear to find someone to fill it.

It also helps that Jupiter is in Sagittarius now.... good news for Gemini's...this is what MysticMedusa wrote as the influences for this year...

GEMINI – Love! A significant relationship! Sensational biz partner

I am wishing..!


Claire said...

Well well well. Did you know that Libras and Geminis are the best friends / lovers / whatever in the whole zodiac?

It's because we're both air signs - which means we love to socialize and have relationships and then then love to talk about socializing and relationships.

Go figure, huh?

Cat's Experiment said...

LIBRA – Communications! Siblings! Short journeys! Writing! yourself