Friday, August 24, 2007

Me or My Emotions?

Am I just better at sex, or does the other person contribute to the enjoyment?

Had a late night phone call from TypeASuperFit. “I’m awake, but why are you awake? ” I answered. “Now, Cat, don’t be like that! ” “There’s only one reason why you are calling me at 11:30pm on a Thursday night” “Can I come over?”

“No way, besides I don’t need it from you. I’ve got a boyfriend”

“That’s great”, he said, “You deserve someone, No really I’m happy for you. You know I can’t give you that. Who is he?”

“You don’t know him. He’s in the film industry, he’s younger - that’s how I like them & he’s really good…the other night we had absolutely no sleep”

“That’s great, you know I was with this girl the other night & it was really bad, like nothing. You know you’re great Cat. ” (his flattery is accepted!)

“It really depends if you get along, the old ‘connection’ issue. The more you trust and are open, the better it is. It’s hollow otherwise”

‘You’re so right. Can I ask you for help, seriously ? “

“Dr Cat’s advisory service?, so long as you call during office hours! “

So why is each experience so different? It’s not about what you are, but how the both of you are together. Do you trust, do you get each other, kind and funny & silly together. ? have these & get better sex as the reward

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