Monday, December 17, 2007

My new life

How's the view ? this is from the rooftop at work. I always like standing next to big blokes as I look small and petite. Notice the glass ? it was the day of the Xmas party & we were warming up with some afternoon beverages.

I could talk about the Xmas party, but I'd rather fill you in on the last few weeks. Thanks to K & SillyV for your promptings..I do appreciate your interest....and will try to make this worthwhile.

Work is both hard and amazing. I've really found an extraordinary company to work for & the people really make it. When I was paid on Friday I also thought, shit...better make them think I'm worth this...cos being paid is such a relief. No more watching the daily sales figures and doling out the small amounts of cash.

My brain is being reorganised every day. Sometimes I can't talk as the words won't come brain is so absorbed in comprehension.

There are lots of lovely men at work but it feels more like a school group. We just have fun, be serious when needed and talk ideas and strategies. It's just nice to take the edge off the situation and just be me. It's a contented but stretched contented feeling because you're taken for your contributions and helpfulness, not your superiority or bossiness.

A group of us have found a mutual love of Duran Duran & have taken to quoting different lyrics. No wonder I like it so much.

This all leads to a new version of Cat's approach to Men. I'm not interested in pursuit, not interested in false starts or contrived flirtations. His interest has to be genuine in both interest and effort. I'm not here to satisfy his ego, nor mine. Would rather pack up early and go home (as if...I'm always the last ! ) so I talk to people and just enjoy myself....or dance like a maniac.

I feel relieved to take the need for effort from me. It's not something I always have to actively pursue...cos that gets tiring. I like my friends and my life too much to be absorbed by incomplete attractions.


Silly V said...

Sounds great and looks LOVELY! So envious! Sending greetings from COLD, COLD wintery Europe and hope everything continues that well for you. :-) Having a job and colleagues one likes can really do wonders, in my personal experience...

TJ said...

Yaay!!! Have been checking the blog almost daily for updates... Obviously v. busy working no spare time for blogging. Our loss :(
Happy its working out babe xxx

k said...

oh wow you sound so positive and happy! That's truly lovely!
I totally agree- it's easier just to let things happen.
You should refreshed :)
I'm so happy for you!

Chic Rugby said...
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Chic Rugby said...

I always knew the diversion of a creative and fun job would make a big difference in your quest for love. You don't need to search for it, you can simply create it. Loving your job is love, just like loving a bloke; even better, you get paid! More shoes for you :-)

Well done Kitty Cat

Happy Christmas xx

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Chic Rugby said...
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