Tuesday, May 08, 2007


In Catholism, an angel appeared before Mary and told her she was with child, etc. There's quite a bit about Angels in Christianity and you pray to Saints, believe the Holy Spirit sits with God and Jesus rose from the dead. There's much new-age in religion and yet when new-age people discuss Angels it seems skeptical and foreign. You can't please a Catholic.

Listening to Doreen Virtue, an angel expert, talk about them she mentioned that FEATHERS are a sign of an angel present and your wishes are being heard and attended to. Like finding a 4-leaf clover or seeing rainbows. I started noticing a few feathers about the place and kindly thought there's an angel present who's listening to my wishes (for a big bedroom romp!).. I wonder how many feathers I need to see before it happens?

Took myself to Centennial park for Sunday morning lie around with papers and pastries. Masses of feathers everywhere. I suppose it's contextual. Where the feathers are, not the amount. Being next to a pack of ducks and geese is not feather significant. Come to think of it, my doona is full of feathers ! no bloody use at all !

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