Monday, May 14, 2007

If I knew

If I knew when I would meet 'the love of my life' then I could relax. But every psychic has said 'he's just around the corner or in the next few months' so I get all hyped up, expectantly seek the connection with all new arrivals & watch as it all fades to nothing.

Just tell me when. Tell me the truth! I want to say. If it's not for another 5 years, then, sayonara to this rabbit hole & hello to a new cubby house in another world. Teach opening champagne bottles to 3rd world waiters ! run an illegal boarding house in Fiji! catch fish in Greenland !

I'd love to take a sabbatical from this dating fiasco. My entire life is geared to preening, watching, observing, trying and hoping it will be over soon (my single life, that is) I'm exhausted!!

I went to a party on the weekend, by circumstance I went by myself, thinking I have the social skills to get around and I thought I'd know enough people. It was a swamp of gay men and married people. I felt like yelling "who's single here? come and talk to me!!" The party represented one of those 'best opportunities' for meeting someone. ie. it was a private, friends' party so you can talk to anyone, you know they are from a certain background/ professional group and more likely to be of interest to you.

One thing I've learnt, cut your losses. So I left after the speeches, snuck out the door and with some sorrow, walked slowly back to the car, re-assuring myself I did everything I could, he just wasn't there. I do hate having to judge an event on the dating sucess rate, but that's my life.


Anonymous said...

Have you asked Mystic Medusa - to whom you link, as I've seen - for an analysis of your chart, e.g. the next year?? I find her amazing, and it seems she's more often right than others.

k said...

It would make things so much easier if we knew eh?
I would love to have someone tell me when I'm going to meet 'him.' It would make life so much easier.
I see people coupling up all around me, and meeting these incredible guys I get along with so well, to find out a)they'd never work for anything more than a flight;
or even better...
b) they have a girlfriend

ameliace said...
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ameliace said...

The uncertainty kills me. The wondering, when/will I find him? And then the HOW? Further, it seems sometimes there are absolutely no decent single men around. I’m with you Cat, I’m tired of looking… do I need to start searching under rocks?

Cat's Experiment said...

Amelice, it's not easy, maybe that's why we will value that bloke when he finally come hooning into our lives.

Anon..I saw Mystic a few weeks stars all look good, Jupiter is in the right place, but apparatently something is scheduled for 2010 which is powerful! *bangs head on table, repeatedly*

K, hate that! when they have a gf. I do become suspicious when they are so relaxed & flirty.