Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And the walls came crumbling down...

I won't say how I know & it's only because my friends really love me & don'' want me to be hurt, but MrBV is over for me. He's been doing a lot of flirting and kissing of other girls in his obsession network. Others like me who are happy with some attention & have all recently experienced a more physical moment with him.

I was fine to start know when you take such news calmly and gradually over the day you get angrier and angrier? As more evidence came to light, the slow glow of my experience suddenly lit like an airport at night & reality landed.

Everyone from the party has emailed or phoned their thanks, offered to pay for the damaged kitchen too, all except one person. The Monday email from me has gone unanswered. I re-read his card, it says' thanks for being my friend' , as he gave me the Moet he said' I give this to everyone' . He likes me, but he did say 'I like being single' on Sunday morning.

I want someone who wants to be with me, love me, so I can let all this love out that I have. To be 'loved and adored' is what I desire & so do all of you (my dear 5 readers!) and we all deserve it too.

Goodbye MrBV.


k said...

Wow - looked like an incredible party!
So much fun!

You know - you had a great night and good for you for knowing when to leave the rest. Chalk it up to a memorable evening...
You seem too good (and way too pretty!) to deal with anything less.

Cat's Experiment said...

hi k, I had to honour your request for photos! they are too much fun to see. thanks for all your make it worthwhile to keep blogging (seriously!)

k said...

thanks cat!
i appreciate that!
I just find it interesting. I'm a tad bit younger, but still looking like you. I have watched everyone in the smaller towns I lived in get married and have kids while I left home and travelled and put a career ahead, and well, now, I'd like to find someone myself.
It's interesting seeing how different people do the whole 'dating' thing :)
PS - i'm on facebook too... in case you ever want to see pics :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cat,

I found your blog through Mystic's blog...a couple of months ago. I've been interested in reading your experiences because my life has been very different, yet I'm turning 42 this year, single for the last ohh almost 8 years. That went faster than I

I admire the way you explore the balance of your life,work,family, friends, blokes and and like most of us try to work out what the heck is going sound like you have some great friends.

The party looked like a hoot.

Personally I'm realising I've concentrated on finishing my degree (longest undergrad degree in world), working and raising my daughters post divorce..however apart from one mad relationship ...have really not put myself out there. I was a baby bride, totally idealistic and now the girls are grown. So I find myself single now and a lot more sure of who I am and what I want.

Admittedly as I had spent most of my adult life in a relationship up to that point having some me time was paramount...but I've also surpressed any dating urges making comments about the talent pool in this town being shallow etc.

I guess the thing that concerns me a bit is looking at MrBV's behaviour there are some guys that are still playing the games they did as teenagers? If they've been doing this for 20 years or so ...ugh.. Master cads.

I'm teetering on the edge of re-entering the fray...good luck...oh and the whole turning 40 thingo, also found an article linked to Mystic's site at stariq regarding cycles of life revolving around 21... just some food for thought


Cat's Experiment said...

cate, thank you so much for your comment. I still feel like a teenager, hanging out with gay boys, dancing with my friends and ignoring the fumbled attempts of the real boys. I just know when to quit & bounce back quicker.

You'd be suprised how far you've come in the dating world. You can't camoflauge wisdom and experience. Sometimes if feels harder & you wish you didn't know better, but it's about getting someone really's my carrot, to be the best person I can be, so I will attract the best person. That's not to be confused with being tough, but having self-esteem & knowing what you are.

loved the link..thanks! cheers, cat