Friday, June 01, 2007

testing the blink

has anyone read 'Blink'? it's about those first gut thoughts we have to a person or situation. Often you don't trust these & rationalise it away, yet, you ask sucessful people about certain decisions & they often respond 'I trust my gut' or 'I had a feeling about this one'.

It's truly about the gut too, the bulge in the stomach, the tastes rising up your mouth, the gurgles and noises it makes. Also trying to breathe deeply so it's not all knotted up.

I went to Suzy's housewarming last Saturday night and during the party, I tested my reaction to the surrounding men. I discovered I like a man well dressed. In a suit or jacket, clean cut or just well dressed. I react to a nice stripey shirt or velvet jacket & good jeans. Not too smooth, but in quality clothes and well styled. Interesting eyewear too.

Going to the business district and seeing all the suits is a turn-on.

I'm sure there's a deep psyhchological reason behind this, but I'm just reacting to what pleases me. A man in a good suit.
what's yours?


k said...

Yep, read it, great book!
I absolutely love a man in a suit... yet a lot of the time, the attitude that sometimes comes along isn't always the best...
I'm trying to expand my horizons in that area, yet, my reaction is also to drool :)

Anonymous said...

A good suit is an eye catcher, but its their smile that gets me.

Holly said...

Apparently we're hard wired to select someone who looks like someone else we once dated who was a good one. We keep trying the same ones on in an attempt to find the right one.

I'd like to say a fireman's outfit but that would be crass wouldn't it? Or bike couriers - yum. Did you know that there was a 30% increase in female drivers accident ratios when bike couriers started wearing lycra? I'm not making this up.

I like a good shirt - quality tailoring and great jeans filled with a great ass.

Suits definitely!

What do we all hate? Corduroy (spell check on aisle 3 please)? Leather elbow patches? Flannelette shirts? Too short shorts? Men in sweat pants!