Monday, February 11, 2008

while he's away

Last Thursday I got a phone call. He was in NY in a bar, talking to models and jeans designers. It was 2am his morning, 6pm for me. I'm his drunk dialing friend. The one you call when you are happy and just want to tell someone.
He'll be back on Thursday, the 14th.
I could pick him up from the airport, just depends on what time.

Saturday night I had dinner with Holly & Skye. I gave them the update on my one date travelling friend. This man is 42, has 2 kids, his wife is long over & according to our mutual good friends, he just wants someone to enjoy his life with, travel with an laugh with, plus be happy for him & him to be happy with me.

According to Australian statistics, those who divorce or separate mostly remarry between 38-42. It's all the returned goods. Those who have been beaten around a bit & shaped into considerate, interesting men. It's time to find some worthy returns.

Okay, that's all the technical stuff...this should be a place where I tell you the truth.

I love that he has called and emailed and texted me over the last few weeks. I liked him straight away, he's funny & successful and cute and I even like that he's a father (two boys 4 & 7). I can be a step-mother. However, he said to our friends he would like more kids. I could have one.

But he represents a life I've been looking for. A interesting man, a man with plans, with humor and style and someone I feel so comfortable and enlivened and excited by.

Who do I pray to ? God I want this.

Is it possible to know? Only because of our mutual friends, I know where he is from, like the man who is naturally with me in all situations.

I could try to be realistic, but I don't care. Time to see if dreams come true.

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k said...

That is wonderful!
Go for it! I guess we can all use that advise at times eh? :)